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    Products for the industry
    1, school teaching, research institutions, research and development companies need small solid-state laboratory equipment.
    2, pharmaceutical, health products industry granules, tablets required for tablets, capsules of pellets, pellets slow release controlled release coating, enteric coating, stomach coating, mixing, crushing, drying...<<MORE
    Sample picture display
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    10% enrofloxacin fluid bed coating
    10% enrofloxacin flu…
    10% Tm fluidized bed coating
    10% Tm fluidized bed…
    10% enrofloxacin microcapsule coating
    10% enrofloxacin mic…
    10% methionine microcapsule coating
    10% methionine micro…
    Cosmetic scrub particles
    Cosmetic scrub parti…
    Petroleum additive coating
    Petroleum additive c…
    Tryptophan shot blasting
    Tryptophan shot blas…
    Sugar pill
    Sugar pill