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    Changzhou Lijian Granulating Drying Equipment Co., Ltd
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    Changzhou Lijian Granulating Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in R & D, design, production and sales of granulating, pelletizing, coating, drying, mixing and crushing equipment. Its products are widely used in food, medicine, veterinary medicine, feed additives, , Chemical industry, cosmetics and other industries.

    The company pre-sale service model: from the experiment to the process, from the process to the equipment selection, design, and provide the appropriate technology support, thereby reducing the risk of user purchases of equipment. The company provides specialized experimental center, its dosage forms are: Chicken columnar particles, instant coffee particles, Chinese medicine particles, dry granulation, spherical pellets, fluidized bed slow-controlled release coating, microencapsulated coating, Wait.

    Companies to provide comprehensive after-sales service and equipment free of charge to provide software upgrades, process upgrades, of the enterprise-always adhere to the "customer-centric" spirit.